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Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Tranth, Jan 19, 2004.

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    Im looking to build a new model for our club based on a 12metre hull form.

    Does anyone know where I can find some good drawings/lines of any of the famous 12s?

    We have got Australia II's lines but would like to see if we can find some others eg KZ7 Kiwi Magic or Stars & Stripes


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  4. Goodwin
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    Goodwin the naval architector

    Are the lines from the Australia II made on paper or made with a designing program? If they're digital can I get a copy from it?
  5. Tohbi
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    i have a tank test model for stars & stripes off of which i could take some approximate numbers but they probably woudn't be accurate enough for your purposes. you can see a couple of pics at the "sails vs ballast" thread, page 2.

    there is also some great advice from list members about setting up this type design.
  6. Milton Thrasher
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    Go to www.amya.org and check out their East Coast 12 Meter Class pages and
    their suppliers pages. There are many 12 meter model yachts available.

  7. josch
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    You can find good information at www.fky.org ....

    There are different links for example to the www.yachtsportarchiv.de.....

    Classical drawings from Henry Rasmussen, J.Anker,...... can be found there by investing some time....If you send an E-Mail to the responsible persons, (adresses are published at the homepage), they will be very cooperativ, what was my experience.....

    For modern lines drawings www. 12mR.de may be a helpfull adress....
    good luck.......
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