10000 BHP Voith-Schneider tugs

Discussion in 'Propulsion' started by wildocean, May 6, 2009.

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    I am trying to locate a working 10,000 BHP tug with Voith Schneider propellers. Thus far however, searching the web has not been very efficient! If anyone knows the names of particular ships or operating ports that I could then try to locate/contact, it would be very much appreciated!

    Thanks for your time.
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    Edited: "TanĀ“erliq" and "Nanuk" port Valdez, Prince William sound, both have about 10.000hp

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    Try Tom Crowley (Crowley Maritime - San Fran, Seattle, Valdez, Cook Inlet, many other ports). Pretty cool boats, tho I pulled one backwards with a conventional 9 (9,000HP, counting winches, water pumps, toilets, and the cook's blender), he could have done a number on me if he had thought to pull sideways (saw one go straight sideways at seven knots once). Eggbeater tractors work... and they do sell!
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    He's right. I worked on the tanerliq (black bear) briefly. Nanook is of course "polar bear". No quicker way to part a line (or kill someone) than these things at the hands of a noob.
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