Yacht from a Red Design concept

pafurijaz: Yacht from a Red Design concept

Modeled just for fun in less than one hour in Blender form a concept design by hand of Red Yacht Design.

Posted by: pafurijaz - website: https://grabcad.com/pa.furijaz-1/models

pafurijaz, Aug 21, 2018
    • Radenpm9
      Amazing work! Did you develop it by using Blender? How did you deal with the dimensional accuracy?

    • pafurijaz
      Hi, yes I have developed this with Blender and I can very precise, but Blender does not have all the CAD tools you have to use your imagination and create plans of references and auxiliary objects to achieve the necessary precision and use a lot of modifiers. a bit 'as then you did a time with the first CAD.
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
    • Radenpm9
      Interesting method! Is it also practical to create a real object?
    • pafurijaz
      @Radenpm9 It is not easy, but as you can see above from the drawings you can make real objects, I have also done in the past also details milled with CNC machines. and it's free, remember that until a few years ago, designers were designing everything by hand.
    • Radenpm9
      True. Several months ago I tried Blender and struggled with dimension accuracy. But I love its render engine. I think Blender would be much more powerful if it is better with dimension like commercial CAD.
      Anyway, Please keep up your good work :);)
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