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blared, Dec 29, 2010
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      And they made it!

      From a spanish paper, 16 December 1945, reported they made it across the Atlantic (Toronto to London) in 80 days! The article, translated:

      The local daily Information published today a report about a voyage without precedent in history, of two Englishmen, residents of Canada, who finished crossing the Atlantic from Toronto to London aboard a barrel.

      The sailors are Mark Charlton and the old sailor Peter Olsen. Mark Charlton lived in Torondo, where his parents moved when he was a child. He visited England with the Canadian troops, and when they left to return to Canada at the end of the war, this voyage was proposed to get to know Great Britain once again. At first he was going to make the voyage solo, but faced with the many difficulties that the voyage presented, he had to abandon that plan and seek the collaboration of the experienced mariner Olsen, who at the time was sixty-four years old.

      The adventure of these two sailors has taken 80 days, from Toronto to London.
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      could be scary living in a barrel for 80 days...
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      I love it! Quite a logical shape for very bad weather, if you can take it while inside!
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