Wave Solar Energy Propulsion

Kneider: Wave Solar Energy Propulsion

Boat propulsed by covertig wave's veritical pontial energy to a kinetic horizontal motion...

Posted by: Kneider - website: http://kneider.site.voila.fr/

Kneider, Jun 14, 2008
    • Kneider
      This Boat is propelled by the conversion, a part of the potential energy generated by ,oscillations, friction, vertical level variations, to a kinetic orizantal one way motion...
      .... In fact, any variation of the boat level is attenuated and converted to a one-way horizontal push. This boat converting the bi-directional potential energy (up/down),or any variation immerged /emerged area to a horizontal kinetic energy (one-way) push . Demonstration of the conversion , vertical potential ,gravitational , variation energy (oscillation generated by wave) to motion kinetic horizontal unidirectional push...
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    Jun 14, 2008
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