Visionarry, a Harryproa design.

Michele: Visionarry, a Harryproa design.

Visionarry, a 15 metre proa, is one of the innovative Rob Denney designed Harryproa.

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Michele, Feb 17, 2003
    • Michele
      Harryproa open a new perspective on sailing craft. Feedback on this revolusionary concept is most welcome.
    • yipster
      high tech and maybe great but realise this design needs a lot of calculating and probably testing before it sails as good as it looks i figger...
      at i'm checking out its advantages only now...
    • Michele
      Hello Yipster,

      'Blind Date', a Visionarry is being built at this moment in the Netherlands. Jan Schippers and Rudolf van de Brug hope to have her sailing towards the middle of the year. There are another 5 Visionarrys and 6 of the smaller trailerable Harrigami being built in Australia, Finland, Canada, and America.
    • yipster
      Thanks Michele,
      Good site and like your style, have a phone nr. of Jan and Rudolf?
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      Sean Herron
      Fantastic 'stuff' - tell us how it goes - considering the wave slap on the larger version being built...
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