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  1. revintage
    Thank you Doug, Had to verify that JavaFoil gave the wrong figures. It looked like the 0012 without camber gave lower Cd compared to Cl. Didn’t look right at all ;-) .
  2. diagram
    A classic. Nice model!
  3. Doug Lord
  4. Doug Lord
    Gorgeous boat and terrific model workmanship!
  5. SailDesign
    When are going to put the tube on it....? :D
  6. Doug Lord
    I'd love to walk up and down that dock.....
  7. Doug Lord
    Really nice, Doug!
  8. duluthboats
    Agreed, I sent a message to the poster telling them much the same. Being that it is an unfinished homebuilt and customized from the plans, it's hard to put any value to it. If he gets back to me...
  9. gonzo
    Selling a project is usually hard. Part of the difficulty is convincing the seller that they will have to accept a loss. If you add all the materials, a reasonable asking price is 50% of the...
  10. Doug Lord
    Such a classic!

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