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  1. Doug Lord
    Wow!! Did the person live?
  2. Doug Lord
    Very interesting blog! Nice dinghy design.....
  3. Angélique
    - Re Duluthboats comment #1: ‘‘ . . . I dont recognize the light house; it must be MI, not WI. ’’ She's leaving St. James Harbor near the northeasterner end of Beaver Island in Lake Michigan,...
  4. Doug Lord
    Beautiful Classic!
  5. Doug Lord
    " a Dora" !!!
  6. Doug Lord
  7. Doug Lord
    Classy and gorgeous!
  8. Doug Lord
    Another great boat! I miss ya man..............
  9. Doug Lord
    Very nice--elegant.
  10. diagram
    Thanks for link. I do not speak/read Italian but get the gist of it. Very nice!!

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