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  1. SailDesign
    Tourist boat? Or are you considering a change of career? :)
  2. Akeswins
    Thanks Saildesign, the boatyard made the carving and molds. They have a very big cnc 5 axis
  3. SailDesign
    Nice! Who did the carving?
  4. zaca60
    Well proportioned. How does she sail?
  5. zaca60
    Very cool and simple! Thank you.
  6. zaca60
    Very nice, still a big project, but doable. I would try a inflated wingsail on this one. Thank you!
  7. zaca60
    Nice deck lines, simple rudder system. I also like the cuddy design. Could be build in ply/timber/glass.
  8. zaca60
    Nice but complicated, brittle and probably expensive. Today you could have an inflated wingsail which is much lighter and more robust.
  9. zaca60
    Sieht gut aus und unglaublich leicht. Keinen Zugang zum Vorschiff finde ich gewöhnungsbedürftig.
  10. rasco
    Module interchangeable ....

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