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  1. Doug Lord
    I'd hate to see that thing on a "dark and stormy night" doing 30 knots on a trimaran.....whew!
  2. Howlandwoodworks
    Thous are truly angels on the water. Adding sails gives the crew something to do. They could start a mutiny you know.
  3. Doug Lord
    Very nice!!
  4. nemier
    9 years on from the original post, I still love this boat design. Always like your designs Tad.
  5. BlueBell
    Nice work Doug.
  6. SailDesign
    "Double the sail area, Skipper! We might gain a tenth of a knot!" But they are fabulous, that's for sure. :)
  7. Doug Lord
    Nice, very nice!
  8. pafurijaz
    @diagram thanks, I like classic boats
  9. revintage
    Thank you Doug, Had to verify that JavaFoil gave the wrong figures. It looked like the 0012 without camber gave lower Cd compared to Cl. Didn’t look right at all ;-) .
  10. diagram
    A classic. Nice model!

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