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  1. Doug Lord
    Tremendous pictures-thanks!
  2. Doug Lord
    Very interesting-thanks!
  3. SailDesign
    @Dolfiman - Thanks!
  4. SailDesign
    @Dolfiman - Many thanks!
  5. Doug Lord
    Nice, Doug!
  6. Dolfiman
    Great rendering
  7. Dolfiman
    Like these classic lines
  8. SailDesign
    @alan craig - I only read about it in WaterCraft (my niece used to work there) so all I have seen is the "Makita" written everywhere. :) I agree with you - Bosch is better anyway.
  9. alan craig
    SailDesign, I'm astonished; I didn't know you could make/receive comments in the gallery! Any drill is ok in the Cordless Canoe Challenge but Makita sponsor it. I never won a major prize but a...
  10. SailDesign
    Dangit, Alan, aren't you supposed to use Makita for that challenge? :)

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