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  1. Tanton Yachts
    TYD#821. 35' steel cat-ketch.
  2. peter radclyffe
    306947904_791763892014076_7941698802419925314_n.jpg (1536×2048) (
  3. SailDesign
    Good enough. :) I was just taking your sketches at face value. :
  4. CharlieDanger99
    @SailDesign These are rough sketches, just something I uploaded in case I want to start a future thread on the topic. To your point, I would likely integrate the new perpendicular knee into the...
  5. SailDesign
    That looks like it is concentrating a lot of stress in about 1/5 the area of the original mount. Have you engineered flanges for it to replace the width of the original?
  6. Leopard
    what is the specifications of these batteries please? Are they all 12 V and connected in parallel?
  7. Fred Etheridge
    what a useful neat boat , that has a job.
  8. philSweet
    Powered by an old Perkins AD 3.152 by the look of it. Somebody's Massey Ferguson is missing an engine. Although, it would be kind of handy if you could break them in half like a tractor.
  9. Lloyd Too
    I'd love to hear how this worked out for you, a "trip report" type of thing if you will.
  10. SET Project
    Hey, I am curious to gain more understanding in the system of propulsion. Would it be possible to access a more detailed research page ? Congrats on the work. Good day, CLERC Antoine

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