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  1. Wes Gardner
    Pretty work
  2. SailDesign
    Nice! The boat AND the modelling. :)
  3. DogCavalry
    That's some solid numbers
  4. SailDesign
    I know you love putting those rudders all the way aft, but all I can smell is ventilation. :) Dolfiman is right, though.
  5. Dolfiman
    Beautiful rendering, well balanced timeless lines
  6. SailDesign
    Rumour has it that Ted T looked at Britt at some point during the build and said "Geez, Britt - even a **** is pointed at both ends!" While I apologise for Ted's language, I agree with him...
  7. SailDesign
    Fun! Keep the pics coming as you hit milestones. Always nice to watch someone else work. :D
  8. SailDesign
    @Alik - Thanks!
  9. Alik
    nice classics!
  10. Wes Gardner
    I like to get the rudder aft but I might have over done it :-)

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