testing the welds (dye check)

nalves: testing the welds (dye check)

i need help on technics used to smoot the aluminum surface. the "depressions" have sommeting like 8 to 12 mm deep on a 400x300 mm area. Appreciate any help sujestion

nalves, Nov 26, 2009
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      Try put smooth heat on the outside at the weld strings. If this is alu maybe you can use a laser therm so you dont heat up to much. If you do that maybe your material changes to much. or you will make it worse. If you immagine that the welding have shrinkage the material at the inside this knuckles occurs. If you put smooth heat at the outside you will compensate so the material shrinks even in outside of the material. For god sake dont heat at free sheet between the weldings. Then maybe you will shrink the plate so you are not able to get rid of the knuckles. The last option is to spartel. But i think you dont need. try spot heats at the outside of the weldstrings.

      Good luck!!!
    • nukisen
      As it is hard to see from a picture maybe you do have bit much material between the frames. Then maybe you can put a little heat as a cross on inside. In the middle of the bump. Be easy and have patience when heating and let the plate be cold before continue the heating. Heat up for a half decimeter string. Go and weld something else. Check how the bump look like after half an hour make a new heat string take a cup of coffee. Then check. New heat be social with coworkers. Check etc. etc. I am sure this will be a nice looking boat.

      Be careful and have patience!

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