Ted Hood Expedition Motorsailer 68

AdrienJousset: Ted Hood Expedition Motorsailer 68

With thousands of Little Harbor yachts to his credit it is experience that makes the difference. The largest sail maker in the world in the 70s, defender and winner of Americas Cup, and inventor of in mast furling systems are just a few of the accomplishments. Hood has designed and built round the world record breakers and yachts for some of the most discriminating clients. In keeping with the momentum of the award-winning (Newport International Boat Show Best Sailboat) Ted Hood Expedition 55, the Portsmouth design office is proud to release the newly re-designed Expedition Motor Sailors 50, 58 and 68. With a fast sail and power yacht in one boat they can power at 9-12 kts and sail at 9-12 kts with a confortable layout. The majority of motorsailers designed today are displacement boats with short rigs that do not sail well or power well either. The goal is to satisfy the need to go 10 to 12 knots, depending on size, when under power and being able to sail with the satisfaction of a high performance sailboat. The Expedition tall aerodynamic rig is most efficient, with triple spreaders and can catch even the lightest of breezes and propel you to sailing speeds of over ten knots. The large jib is designed to be easy to trim with its high clew. This jib sheet is much more efficient to handle, allows good visibility forward and there is no need to move the sheet lead when reefing. The staysail far aft makes tacking the jib much easier and converts to a permanent reefable storm jib when necessary. Her beautiful flare, high bow and effective chine strake assure for a dryer ride while under power and port and starboard steering stations guarantee unobstructed views of both the sails and the surrounding seas. The engine room can be accessed from the port or starboard guest shower stalls. The engine room has full head room for easy maneuvering and maintenance. Additionally, there are two on deck hatches with ladders to access the engine room for added safety. The Expeditions are powered by a unique system, employing IO design engines that come up under sail, so that there is no fouling, and they are serviceable from both the swim platform and below decks in engine room from hatches. This full head room engine room also holds the generator, air conditioner, additional systems, a good sized work bench, etc. The Expeditions are yachts that are truly designed and constructed to explore the coasts and oceans in comfort and safety, without being burdened by frequent returns to marinas for provisions or supplies. They have the speed of racing boats, and can get you into port quickly and comfortably under power when needed. The Expeditions are self-sustaining homes on the water that can independently cruise for months at a time, while also having the ability to operate as a handsome platform for entertaining friends and family. Comfort, performance and style all come together to make the Expedition series a truly unique design that will turn heads in any marina. Designed with a desire to keep with the personal and unique Hood style and maintain the highly sought after deck and interior layout, Ted Hood Yachts now offers three striking exterior designs. From Classic to Modern to Avant-Garde styles, owners will receive a tailor-made yacht built to suit their personality. The Expedition Motor Sailor is designed for ocean cruising, as evident from her high prismatic hull and impressive freeboard. The Expeditions exude power, comfort and safety with an emphasis on performance and ease of use, traits that Ted Hood has build his legacy on for over 50 years. The boat will be built as custom one offs at various builders worldwide. For more information please contact J.P. at jpt@tedhoodyachts.com or (1)-401-935-7718

AdrienJousset, Jul 22, 2010