Tanton: Tameta

The first of three boats, at 12m, 14.5m and 17m for Meta of France, to be built using their Strongall method of construction. This is characterised by the precision cutting of very thick aluminum plate, ease of bending and assembling maximum size sheets. Welding is easier using high-amperage techniques and the welds are more secure due to precise mechanical preparation, a strong assembly system (2.5 to 3 times more than conventional), and excellent fusion due to the high amperage. Deformation is minimised due to the curved shapes and the thickness of the material, which reduces thermal stressing and reduces aging and fatigue effects. The boats are unconventional in hullform because they have to achieve several goals. The ability to sit on the hard is vital, using twin keels/skegs and the forward part of the hull. THe keels have the dual function of anti-rolling device and propeller-guard. Additionally they permit the use of sails with reasonable efficiency. The two 75hp saildrive engines mounted aft are for economy of use and efficiency of maneouvring, with some help from the twin rudders. The accommodations are versatile enough to allow several options. And thus the hybrid boat is born.

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Tanton, May 28, 2004