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I always thought about this and here we go... A twin propeller from a single marine diesel to keep the boat more balanced . I dunno maybe I'm being too picky.. Some might think it's a good idea, some might think useless crap .. Me I don't care.. I'm bored.

blared, Feb 6, 2008
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      this is one of the thing I lookin for thanks
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      Sean Herron
      Excellent - at least for the technical drawing and concept presentation - it is fantastic - but...
      You want to power twin screws from a distribution trani - right and left - through a total of four or more universals or CV (constant velocity) joints - and then thru two right angle tranis - again - to go aft...
      Yes - it works - mechanically - but every degree and transfer is a loss of input power..
      Sorry friend - do the math - include the fools needed to install this...
      Twins on straight shafts win - BUT - there is no question that you have a solution for a single - but I cannot see it being something to sell to the bankers or clients - that said - pursue it...
      That is my buzz - sorry friend - but I just see too many mechanicals and power loss through same...
      Just think about a motor - (or two) - coupled directly to a shaft spinning a prop - very direct power transfer...
    • blared
      Thanks for the info Sean ...Well it really depends on the transmission too, and if it's a diesel turbo, it has the thrust to push.. You are right about the power loss Sean and it's probably going to make the boat more heavier but the idea was to keep the boat balanced, which I care the most, well balanced boat that performs it's best in any sea conditions and more confier ride, this system also can be installed on the boat as the inboard/ outboard or even the jet drives, in the picture I just imagined using the rear end of a car, can be done but can't prove the goods and the bads, maybe I will actually get so bored someday and do this just to see what happens :D . I will let you al know :)
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