Saburov-Design: SDX

High-Performance Power boat Length - 8,5 m (27,9 ft) Width - 2,7 m (8,86 ft) Speed - 80-120 km/h Engine - MERCRUYSER - 425-600 h.p. Passenger capacity: 6-8 people Weight - 2000 kg.

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Saburov-Design, Jan 11, 2011
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      As I've said before, I really like this design overall. I like the long, gradual curves. I like the multiple "levels" of curves that visually reduce both height and width. I like the little discontinuities that catch the eye, like at the forward end of the side engine air intakes amidship. I like the windows in the hull sides: too many make the view from the cabin outside like looking through the bars of a jail cell window. These look organic, similar to sharks gills perhaps.

      So what I don't like: I think the chine needs to have a longer, more gradual curve, rather than the purely straight lines for most of the bottom. I know why you did it, so its a prismatic planing surface, and there are lots of papers describing this as an ideal surface. But the difference between a very slightly warped bottom over a long length and a pure prism is very small. Also, powerboat racing has demonstrated that a more gradual increase in deadrise is a good thing: compare this bottom to Fountains in particular, as these bottoms have unarguably demonstrated superior performance to such a degree that powerboat racing has almost died out. In other words: straight lines are still ugly, so put a little bit of longitudinal curve in the chine starting even a bit aft of the step, and allow the deadrise to increase a fair amount going forward.

      In summary: one of the very best looking boats I've seen in this gallery!
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