SCA-19 exterior

SailDesign: SCA-19 exterior

SailDesign, Jan 19, 2003
    • Kevin H.
      Very nice little boat. Too bad it's only a picture... it's exactly what I'm looking to buy for my son and I to weekend in. :)
    • SailDesign
      For a reasonable supply of $$ I could be persuaded to finish the plans... :)
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      Pretty little boat ! I like the clean lines a lot and the "soft" sides for sitting comfortable when healed. It looks like a nice "overnight" cruiser/racer.

      My experience with my Freedom 21, which is a lot like a shorter J22 (same builder - very similar hulls), and have similar proportions to yours suggest that it will be tail heavy and not sail that well with a motor and a full load of 3-5 people.

      What I have been contemplating for mine would perfect this boat as well. Give it 2 more feet in the bow; use one side for a swim platform, the other for a motor platform, that will keep people from weighing it down too far back (that where everyone wants to sit) and also bring the waterline back closer to midship at the exit when heeled so your hull and keel will be more in line.

      You have maximized the water line very nicely which I like but if you can increase the flare a bit above the water it might stay out of the wawes better. As you can tell I lile small stout fast boats . that you can take out in a good blow.
    • SailDesign
      1 person by preference, 2 if you must, and 3 only if one of them is a child. This ain't no J24 :)
    • FavoriteSon
      adding a boarding ladder somewhere might be nice.
    • SailDesign
      How 'bout I just put a step in the rudder, Favorite? :)
    • FavoriteSon
      actualy that might be better
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      In the render wich material do you use???, you do it in rhino.
      Nice render
    • SailDesign
      Wind - yes, Rhino for rendering. Most of the materials were "home-made"
    • wind
      SailDesign - Thanks, i will post a main with monofilm.
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