Ramform Yacht "Our Shangri La"

phrogjlf@yahoo: Ramform Yacht "Our Shangri La"

My concept design based off a number of known designs. Specs calculated to meet Ramform Patent Specs.

phrogjlf@yahoo, Sep 14, 2017
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      I'm curious as to why you would copy Ramform Titan for a yacht's hull.... She was developed that width purely to be able to tow 24 seismic transponder cables simultaneously. Yachts have no need of this.....
    • phrogjlf@yahoo
      Short answer: I want to live offshore and have a sea farm.

      Longer answer:

      Low speed stability and rough weather capability. The hull itself would be moored in a current, so, like an aircraft, will have an indicated 'speed'. This translates indirectly to hull performance of a low-speed vessel. The goal is to create a demonstration platform first, then expand on that, as a means of offshore residence, for people doing on-site management and operations of sea-farms. Personally, I would like to be able to pioneer and demonstrate such technology, alongside IMTA (Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture) as a sustainable means of farming at sea, even in places such as the Gulf of Mexico, which is prone to severe weather events. The Ramform hull has shown exceptional stability in the extreme conditions of the North Sea, one even being converted to a FPSO (Fixed Pumping, Storage and Offloading) facility, using turret mooring.

      With IMTA, there would be beds of Kelp, pens of feeder fish and pens of marketable fish, as well as shellfish, and Abalone, creating an artificial, semi-closed food chain, that can be sustainable and non-polluting, if done correctly, somewhat akin to the sustainable practices being used in some modern land-farming systems. One of the biggest problems with sea-farming of fish is the downstream pollution, from the fish wastes. If the fish pen is embedded in a kelp forest, the kelp would mitigate the pollution, while creating a food source for the food-chain.

      Once the platform feasibility is shown, a larger unit would then be made to hold more of the functionality of my intended goals. Even at this scale, making a practical offshore residence as a demonstrator just makes sense. For my own part, I've already been confined to a wheelchair once, with partial paralysis, so the added space for ADA type adaptations just makes sense.
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      I need help DOING it. My goal is for a Ferrocement hull design. I could build it, without a formal plan, but that makes it harder to get certified. A set of hull plans by a certified Marine Architect/Naval Engineer would make a big difference in both the build/inspection process and in retaining resale value.

      With enough of the right pieces of the puzzle, I would like to create an incubator site, where people could come, model their ideas, test the performance aspects in wave-tanks, build and launch, with certain shore based operations, such as mail and parcels and possibly other forms of supply, even some protected vehicle parking for routine travel ashore.
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