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45-ft bermuda ketch yes i know it looks bad. i drew it in paint OK?

FavoriteSon, Oct 31, 2004
    • FavoriteSon
      Ok so this is my first big boat i'm working on. any suggestions would be welcome
    • spank
      Obviously you realize the limitations of realizing a hull shape in Paint. One suggestion whould be to get a hull designing package. One can be had for a couple of hundred bucks...not bad actually. Once you have that, you can actually get quite a bit more information out of the hull you design as far as hydrostatics are concerned. You could also draft up a hull on paper. One practical consideration you might want to think about with the design as it is drawn is that the mizzen will be really hard to trim with it hanging off the stern by so much.
    • FavoriteSon
      I realise the limitations of paint unfortunatly i'm a kid and dont have money to spare.
      yes i agree with you about the mizzen. hadent realy thought about that though but it is a very good point. i saw a boat once that had a platform extending of the stern. i think that somthing like that would help.
      Thank you for the comments.
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      That "platform" which extends off the stern is called a boomkin. I would sugest a pad of graph paper to do the prelimenery design. Also you can get a clear ruler that will also double as a spline. I start alot of my designs this way.
    • FavoriteSon
      yes, thank you every one for their advice, I've been studying more about boat design so now i can have designs that look nice. unfortunatly it will take a lot longer to make
    • Milan
      [COLOR="Blue"]"i'm a kid and dont have money to spare"[/COLOR]

      There are free programs on the net. Take the look at the Free ship -
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