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30 ft. shorthanded swing keel ocean racer

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dougfrolich, Nov 3, 2003
    • SailDesign
      Looks good - but can you REALLY swing the keel that far? ;-P
    • dougfrolich
      The plan is to be able to swing +,-50deg. The reason was for righting ability more than for actual sailing. This drawing is the preliminary study intended to sort out some of the geometry- it is getting close.
    • SailDesign
      I was just a-kiddin' ya. It looks from the pic as though the keel will be laying against the hull inside when it is at that angle.
      Forgive me - I keep getting into trouble for trying to be funny ;-(
    • Andy
      Nice boat - is the hull fairly narrow? I see you have 2 daggerboards - would a single gybing board be a better solution for shorthanded sailing? It would be lighter, cheaper and easier in manouveres. With a narrow hull you wouldn't have the ventilation problems which make twin boards more attractive for wider hulls. have you run a VPP to quantify the differences?
    • dougfrolich
      Great questions, the waterline beam is 6ft. LWL is 27ft. Your suggestion of a single daggerboard is a possibility, currently I am experimenting with that issue using my VPP. Simplicity is one of the driving perameters. I am working on a system that will trim the daggerboard with strut cant angle, depending on the windangle,heel,windspeed,etc... so the sailor will only have to adjust the ballest strut to maintain opt. heel angle without thinking too much about the board(s)
    • Andy
      I think some people in the 505 class have been experimenting with shaping the heads of their boards in such a way that the gybing angle decreases the higher up you pull the board. That might be worth considering too if you haven't already! Please keep posting pics as the project progresses!
    • dougfrolich
      That is a very interesting idea! More posts coming soon!
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