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Pictures I took yesterday are the start of when I folded the sheet for the Myark boat trailer. The inside deck measurements size is 2. X 1.250 with picture showing the trailer boat will roughly look like. It has a titanium torsion suspension that can be pulled apart and DIY maintained. The torsion is held together in the aluminum casing or titanium casing with pressure from the rubber cords and has no bolts. The rubber cords do ware out over time which normally you throw away and buy a whole new torsion suspension but I have designed it so the rubbers can be DIY replaced for $1 each cord. Normally the rubber cords are brake pressed flat and frozen then slipped into the box section which I found after frozen and thawed back into shape it lost about 10% of its spring which made me think further. I will also make the torsions suspension from alloy steel to cut the cost down and compete with the on market cheaper versions which that model torsion suspension will bolt together and have brackets to suit bolting onto convention trailer frames. However titanium will last a life time and is 40% lighter and better when removing the aluminum wheels from the trailer boat inserts. This size Myark trailer boat is made to suit 750 kg on land and 750 kg on water. It has a slight rise in the front and back bottom hull so when the propulsion is applied it rocks back lifting the front end out of the water and allowing the back end to angle horizontal with the water surface for high performance. I did make an identical model 15 years ago and preformed like a jet ski but with a 10hp our board with direct steering like a jet boat. The weight in trailer form is 120 kg that can be manually lifted upright on its end to save garage space and if need to save more space, the wheels can be removed.

myark, Oct 28, 2012
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