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OK, don't laugh (too hard). Here is my design for O-1. Sorry about the quality of the graphics. I don't have any good drawing programs at home. It has a length of 32', beam is 8.2', overall height is 7.6' and pilothouse headroom is 6.33'. The head is a little cramped but is has a separate shower. The sink is in the shower. The self bailing cockpit is 6' wide and 9.35' deep. There is a step down into the pilothouse. I felt I would need to keep weight low since the beam is so narrow. The pilothouse would have a hardtop but a large sunroof to let the light in and for ventilation. Cheers; Mike Schooley http://boatdesign.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&postid=3574#post3574

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Portager, Jul 18, 2002