ObiWan - 75 ft.

SailDesign: ObiWan - 75 ft.

Since this was based on "Oberon", I needed a name for something rough-and-tough but gentle and starting with "Ob..." What else is there? :)

SailDesign, Jun 27, 2016
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    • Tad
      Very nice.

      A few points, take em or leave em....:)

      I like to have moldings get smaller as they get higher above waterline, so the the lowest guard would be the largest and the rail cap slightly smaller (in height) and the house trim smaller again.
      If the forward ports were below the guard then there's room for a clamp under the deck (I know!) and they (the ports) could could spread out a bit and carry aft under the pilothouse.
      If the foredeck handrails are regular height they cease to be toys and become really useful. See Yorel or Black Knight for reference.
      The sidelight boxes need to be bigger and move aft over the door where the skipper can check them easily.
      The spotlight needs to be a proper big bronze Francis with hand wheels inside the pilothouse.
      The mast needs some "tip" above the cap iron.....

      Sorry I'm pushy but I do like the direction, a lot.....
    • SailDesign
      No problem, Tad - some of those I am addressing already, some I'm pondering.

      I was tempted to just not put rails forward at all, but something was needed. Ports are already moving down, and the searchlight has grown. Most of the parts were stolen from something smaller, and are growing as they annoy me one-by-one. :)

    • SailDesign
      Tenders are probably R2D2 and C3PO... :p

      I resisted the rebel flag.
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