Lrssen Oheka II 22.5m built 1927 Lrssen Oheka II 22.5m built 1927

general arrangement plan Lrssen Oheka II 22.5m built 1927 22.5 m long, Displacement 22.5 tons. Speed of 34 knots

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      Excellent Drawings! Very unusual engine placement.
    • oheka

      my name is Max, from Berlin, Germany. I found this forum by googling "oheka". Ive done that for some time, an this is the first new hit in six months!

      You can find more information and pictures in the online-Archives of "Die Yacht" from 1927,,

      scroll down to page 22, unfortunately it is in german only, but you can see a good foto of Ohekas II lines below water.

      the position of her engines (which actually are MAYBACH engines taken from the big airships like the "Hindenburg") are quite common in german designs of river-going, semi-gliding limousines like policeboats built until the late 50-ies.

      I think the positioning of the engines up front counterballances the notion of round bottom-boasts to go "stern-down" when reaching hull-speed, but I am not shure, because im an amateur in boat design.

      Hi Max,

      In respect with your user name it seems, that you love the boat.

      Do you have further plans of the ship, for example from Lrssen?

      As a first step to reanimate the ship it could be an good idea to establish an 3D-CAD Model of the boat.

      look at our web side

      under Projects.

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