KD860 catamaran by K-Designs

nero: KD860 catamaran by K-Designs

The boat is an easy to build plywood/glass/epoxy construction. Plans from this designer are quite affordable. This designer has other designs available. LOA/LWL: 8.60m Beam: 5.60m Draft hull/rudder: 0.4/0.7m Weight empty: 1800 kg Weight cwl: 3000 kg Sail area Main: 27 m2 Jib 10 m2 Reacher: 26 m2 L/B ratio: 1:2 L/B ratio hulls: 1:11 Prismatic coefficient: 0.569 Righting moment max.: 5600 kgm Optimum speed: 21.5 kn Outboard engines 2x 6 HP Construction time about 1200 hours http://www.ikarus342000.com

nero, Feb 10, 2006
    • fish277509
      Saw this design and thought it was interesting from the ease of construction but wasn't sure if the flat bottom was a shot in the foot when it came to performance. What are your thoughts on the KD860 catamaran design and why did you go with building something different? Great hull by the way in your pics with the tractor.
    • nero
      I came across this design and the designer a few years after I did my own design. As the result of my efforts, I think/thought I needed a longer waterline to circumnavigate with. Strip planked hulls have many advantages. Speed of construction vs. pannel construction is not one of them. My project is still alive, but building has slowed a bit. My work days are a bit shorter and other responsibilities have complicated the straight forward days at the start of my project.

      At present, one hull is strip planked and glassed on the inside. Everything is in place to bond the two halves together. (ran out of warm weather) The pieces match up! I still have one half of one hull to strip plank. Before this can be done I have to bond the above halfs and glass part of the outside. And there is the keelson to add in also.

      I have three months to wait of the cold weather. Will start working on the bridge deck engineering before then.
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