Hydroptere updated, 39 knots
brian eiland

brian eiland: Hydroptere updated, 39 knots

Hydroptere is one of the most radical multihulls in the world. Her philosophy of "flight" and actual construction elements are derived directly from the aerospace industry. Alain Thbault and his team consisting Jean Abribat, Jean-Mathieu Bud, Brilliant Franois and Franois Cazala successfully completed sea trials with the much improved Hydroptere. The conditions in the English Channel were ideally suited for the prototype vessel and the speed targets of 38 to 40 knots were realized with a record run of 39.8 knots in 22 to 25 knots of true wind. Hydroptere has been fitted with specially engineered "shock absorbers" that can load the foils to 28 tons and cushion the vessel as she is lifted clear of the water. The core element of these shock absorbers, are nitrogen filled pistons, which keeps the pressure of the gas between 140 and 200 bars. This innovative mechanism, which weighs only about 120 pounds is also being used in the Airbus A340's articulating wing structure. To lighten Hydroptere by more than half a ton, a new composite cross-beam has been manufactured by the Airbus factory in Nantes, France.

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brian eiland, Nov 21, 2004