Gatsby - Retro Modern displacement motor yacht

SchachtYacht: Gatsby - Retro Modern displacement motor yacht

A modern interpretation of a classic fantail motor yacht of the 20's.

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SchachtYacht, Oct 4, 2003
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    • SchachtYacht
      I hope old-fashioned hand drawn images are OK here. I thought this type of vessel should be drawn by hand. It's an attempt at classic motor yacht elegance combined with a modern "minimalist" aesthetic best represented I think by Scandinavian furniture. So no raised-panel doors or greek column motifs in the interior please, just cool, smooth surfaces.
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      Your images are more than OK. Thanks for sharing them with us.

      Gary :D
    • Willallison
      I'm with Gary. And for my money, a well done hand-drawing outclasses a computer model any day....
      Got any more images of this boat you'd like to share?...

      I also rather like your Monhegan 28 shown on your website - it's not that far removed from our own Option One concept here on
      I'm sure memebers would love to see some images of that design posted - I'd particularly like to see an accomodation plan of the boat.
    • Jeff
      As Gary and Will have said, very nice :)

      I love to see hand drawn work to balance the computer models - either one can be better than the other in my opinion - all depends on the skill and eye of designer.
    • SchachtYacht
      Thanks for the warm welcome. This is the only drawing for Gatsby so far, except for quick top and profile sketches to make sure that floor levels, machinery spaces, etc. are in the ballpark of reality.

      I am a sloth in 3D, it takes me weeks to get a presentable image that would take me less than a day by hand. Of course, 3D has tremendous advantages and I love it, but for just getting a concept quickly visualized for a client, I'm better off with hand drawings. With hand drawing, you don't need to labor on the obvious, a dab of white and black can represent a cleat, where in 3D that whole cleat has to be modeled, textured, and rendered. Add up all the parts on a boat and you can see why it takes weeks, at least until you build up a big library of boat parts (I covet that propeller, BTW, duluthboats).

      Concerning the Monhegan 28, thanks for visiting! I'll post an interior plan in a bit - it's very conventional, don't want to scare anyone :)
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      I wish this thing had an 11 on it! I like the old elco's and this is a great modernization of a classic. I respectfully disagree on the raised panels tho.... I want mine to look like gentlmans smoking room. Please let us see more of your work. I am a pencil guy too...
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      Nice to see something old and new.

      Great work.
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