DSR Performance Jet TNT Tunnel Hull project

DSR: DSR Performance Jet TNT Tunnel Hull project

DSR, Jun 29, 2017
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    • Lost58
      Just a question could you extend this hull design to 16' and design for a jet ski engine and jet drive

      i would like to put a different deck on it than what you have

      did you make the ribs and chines also for this design

      if you did is there a possibility that i could get a set of the plans you are doing for this

      Thank You
    • Lost58
      i think also that if you were going to use a jet drive the stern on the hull should be a little deeper for more water to get in the drive
    • DSR
      Hi Bruce,
      I'm sorry I didn't see your comments sooner. I apologize.

      This hull at 12' 6" was actually designed for the powertrain from a Honda R12X Aquatrax PWC that I purchased for the project. Using this particular powertrain is also the reason that I designed the drive extension extending the center pod 12" beyond the transom. 1) to allow the front of the powertrain to sit behind frame #1 bulkhead in the hull and 2) setting the pump intake as far back as you can in a hull of this type helps to keep the pump loaded at higher speeds when very little of the hull is in contact with the water.
      This hull could be modified to 16' but to do it correctly would be by basically starting from scratch. you would have to reloft the hull to keep the design fair. The frames would have to be re-positioned and additional frames added. I also spent quite a bit of time and money generating the correct size and shape of the tunnels and to change the design to 16' I would definitely go through the process again to ensure that the hull remains stable while generating aerodynamic lift.
      As far as the center pod being deeper for the pump intake, the keel as shown is 9/16" deeper than the bottom edges of the sponsons at the transom and what isn't shown is that the design will also have a "drop keel" added to drop the intake another 3/4" below the keel to help load the pump (still working on that part of the design and looking for help on it here....).
      As far as the deck is concerned, that's the beauty of building your own boat and the reason I'm building this. I can make this bugger the way I want, not what someone else wants, and you can build one just the way you want yours. Way too cool :)

    • Lost58
      @DSR i like the hull design i wish i could do this with software , would you have a complete set of drawings for this hull

      i have been thinking where i live it would be easier for me to move a 12'6 boat than a 16 or 18

      like you i would want to but a jet ski power but maybe different i was going to try go all electric maybe with multiplier to make the rpm fit for a jet ski intake to get the revs for it i like this boat but maybe making it 12;6 would be better for just me use your hull design and the deck like in the pictures i posted

      thanks for replying
      have a good day

    • DSR
      Hi Bruce,

      I really appreciate that you like the hull design I'm working on. Thank you!
      To be honest, I'm more than a little hesitant to share the plans on my design with the intent of someone else building it when I haven't even built it to do any real physical testing yet to verify it as a successful design (even with performance analysis showing very promising results.....)
      Reading over your thoughts on what you want to build, it looks like you're going to run into a couple issues between what you want your boat to do and the attributes of this design.
      I'm not well-versed on marine electric power but I haven't seen any electric powered jet driven projects that would have enough power to generate the speeds necessary to promote the advantages of this Mod-VP tunnel hull design, but I may be wrong.
      As designed, this boat will have total running weight (minus passengers) of less than 650 lbs and analysis indicates that it will start "trapping air" at about 50 mph with it going into full aerodynamic lift at 70+ mph. If the boat isn't generating those kinds of speeds, you lose all the benefits of this type of hull design and are stuck with all the disadvantages, such as less load carrying ability, less interior room, water spraying and slapping the tunnels making for an inefficient, uncomfortable ride (and rougher water would make it even worse, as this definitely not a hull designed for rougher water.....), etc.
      Another issue you'll run into is with the idea of turning the hull into a bowrider, judging from the boat pics you showed in your posts. This tunnel hull design is just simply not big enough to entertain the idea of more than 2 people in it. And tunnel hulls, especially the jet driven versions, are very sensitive to not only total weight (lighter is definitely better), but also where that weight is placed in the hull with shifting of the C of G and other issues. If you're looking at having a boat like the bowrider in your pics and using it as such, this hull design would be completely wrong.
      There are many designs out there and available to build, that would do a much better job for you. I'm no expert, but I'd be happy to assist with choosing a more appropriate design if that helps?

      Please feel free to hit me back if you have any questions Bruce.

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