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Carlos Cifani

Carlos Cifani: DIVA Concept MegaYacht

270LOA Super Yacht DIVA

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Carlos Cifani, Jan 28, 2003
    • Uli
      Nice design
      But don't you think that you will get trouble in the wave with that thin front. I mean you got a lot of volume in the back but nearly nothing in the front. I think that the boat will stamper pretty much on a on wind sail cours.
    • Carlos Cifani
      Uli, thanks for comments.

      Actually we are developing some hull extreme lines with good results in test bench, under huge stress for consideration in future edge projects.

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      um, how hydrodynamic is that boat? Also, it doesn't look too stable...maybe add outriggers. Still, if the technology, math and engineering play out, that boat looks REALLY REALLY cool.
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      Enzo Mlinari
      It's obvious you have never sailed a boat. This one is terribly unstable: to narrow in the middle-section. Even with 50%ballast it will kant.
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      It was supposed to be conceptual, but you cannot forget, that design accually means, that "form follows function", so the form should not be separate from practica/performance consideration. You should notice that in your future projects.

      anyway keep going with the design.:)

      good luck :D
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