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Interior render samples.

normonorm, Sep 12, 2009
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      That's alot of work; good rendering; good use of light; nice color contrast with the green.

      Do some more; push something more organic --the dynamics of sea life--, look to nature to fullfill the shape of the objects in the room and less to CAD.

      For example, at first glance, the "bottom right" looks like a clinic: very stark, white, square. If it were a clinic I would say that it's form fits it's function but I think it is a boat interior, right.

      Ya know what, I think it's the lack of reference to the boats interior shape that leaves me wanting to see the basic shape of the boat influence the interior.
      That's it; for me, I want to see how the interior conforms to the inside of the boat and makes it (boat) a more Organic living space. In other words, this interior is your design style for a living space aboard a boat that accounts for all the dynamics of the vessel itself.

      Personally, without that reference to the "outside", and I abstract these interior objects down to their basic dimensions, the interior is cut off from it's reason to be and just becomes a series of boxes.

      Do some more and include the boat.......
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