AMF 660 Hardtop Cabin Enclosed - AMF alloy Trailer

AMFBoats: AMF 660 Hardtop Cabin Enclosed - AMF alloy Trailer

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AMFBoats, May 27, 2008
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      Sean Herron

      I believe you said before but...

      Again what is the finish here - paint - or raw buff (Scotch Brite) and clear - or other...

      Very nice little boat...

    • AMFBoats
      Hi Sean

      Thanks for the nice feed back.

      Most of our boats are acid wash finish with Nyalic clear coat. We try to treat our aluminium like glass as any marks will show in the final product. Any areas that are ground are masked off and polished down so you have to look carefully to see any grinding or polishing. We start with sand paper and work down to scotch brite type products. The acid wash turns the alloy white and as soon as it is dry we apply the Nyalic clear coat.

      We like the fact that this finish keeps the boat unashamably alloy and at the same time making it look tidy and nice to look at.

      Cheers Bevan
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