60' Ketch designed by Robert Perry

dreamer: 60' Ketch designed by Robert Perry

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dreamer, Oct 12, 2010
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      Rick, nice work as always...

      This shot of your model illustrates many good reasons for the creation of same.....the problem areas start to show up clearly.....

      I'll assume you realize the teak would never be laid as you have it on the helm seat? Decks and cockpits are laid fore and aft (unless you are deliberately breaking rules?) and decking never runs out to tiny sharp points, search for "nibbing" those tips. The planking should be laid fore and aft following the spring of the deck edge, and be nibbed into a centerline king plank or planks. Long ago in the early days of CAD implementation in yacht design we would make jokes about the "autonibb" button in AutoCAD........

      Then there's the moldings ending at the seat back around your winch bump, that should not happen. The molding should perhaps run forward and die against the hatch frame? Also that open molding edge on the back of the dodger is very bad, needs to be integrated into the design......

      And little things like the grain direction in your corner caps on the coaming....starboard one needs to run the other way....but I'm picky....sorry about that
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      Thanks Tad.

      This is a work in progress.

      I really do appreciate your detailed discussion about teak. Not trying to break any rules, but maybe that's not a bad thing in this particular case ;). See some of my updated images. I googled images of various teak cockpits/decks/etc. and have found teak running as I have it. However, it will probably look better to run as you have mentioned. Thanks for the advice.

      As for the coaming, the only thing I have to go on is the way things were built on my old 1978 Baba. The teak coaming does indeed have a lip that protrudes into the cockpit. I suppose that's why we always have pillows to sit against.

      And grain direction...Tad, you're killin' me. ha! :)

      oh yeah, and the 'nibs' are gone too. ;)
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