heuhen: 30_metre_with_the_special_forms_behind_the_hull

30 meter standard hull looks at the resistance. I will set up some link to other picture of this boat.

heuhen, Jul 19, 2008
    • heuhen
      Other picture of the hull

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      Sean Herron

      Just a thought - if the props are to operate in those tunnels at shaft center - you may have a very tight walkway between the motors in the engine room...

      Very limited displacement - and a hell of a lot of labour to build a plug...

    • heuhen
      It's just a test design. I think a spesial S-gear or a hydraulic power solution, wher the will be only singel Diesel/Gas/turbine engine and to electric engin som drive a hydraulic pump som then drive the props, I'm working ona a solution som will work in this boat.

      But if we think it som a twin hull with some thing extra, there will be many solution.

      This is the same hull some: http://www.boatdesign.net/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=11891

      it's have a love design Displacement when i told the computer the boat has a biger draft the computer insistet at the boat will have the same cruise speed! somthing i dosen understand why!
    • heuhen
      Every thing can be don!
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