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  • Paganini Marine
    Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering office, based in La spezia Italy, specialized in design and optimization of sailboat. Structural design, aero hydro design, deck layouts, rating optimization, performance improvements, project managment and yachts test. Cooperations with all the best designer, from Renzo Piano to Vismara Design. Italian Style and up to date engineering, especially for composite construction. (Added: 3-Aug-2006 Hits: 1460)  My Links | Rate | Visit

  • Paolo Bisol Yacht Design
    Naval Architect. Sailing Yacht and Power Boat Design. Tritium 720, fast cruising/racing trimaran. Deepblue 48, no-compromise passagemaker. Rascal 30 Trawler and Rasquette 30, liveaboard with charme. Lobster 7.5 weekender. (Added: 15-Oct-2003 Hits: 2394)  My Links | Rate | Visit

  • Pastrovich Studio
    “Design any kind of boat, no holds barred, so long as it’s the best of its kind” Pastrovich Studio is a Yacht Design Office specialized into a Custom Yacht. We design custom made Yachts, Power and Sail, designing both the interior and exterior with all kind of dimensions. We are the designer for Wally of the entire Wallypower range, the 47', 55’, 64’, 72', 118' WallyPower. (Added: 17-May-2010 Hits: 756)  My Links | Rate | Visit

  • Perrotti Performance Design, LLC
    Racing and cruising sailboats. Naval architecture and marine engineering. Proven technology. Affordable yacht design solutions. America's Cup experience. We help you find the keys to better performance. (Added: 14-Jan-2002 Hits: 1979)  My Links | Rate | Visit

  • PGYD
    PGYD is able to provide a complete service for the development of design solutions applied to pleasure yacht, with particoular attention on design, naval architecture and performance. (Added: 11-Mar-2013 Hits: 231)  My Links | Rate | Visit

  • Pierrejean Design Studio
    Specialized since 1975 in yacht design and interior design, a team of highly creative designers, computers specialists and professionals who manage each project from the global concept to the definition of the smallest aesthetical details. (Added: 8-Feb-2005 Hits: 1722)  My Links | Rate | Visit

  • Pieter Beeldsnijder Yachts Designer & Naval Architecture Edam
    Pieter Beeldsnijder Yachts Designer & Naval Architecture in Edam are the designers of many famous yacht designs. For example, Trawler, Cutter, Sportfisherman, Schooner, Tender, Express Cruiser, and Zwerver are worldwide very well known yacht designs by Pieter Beeldsnijder himself. (Added: 19-Oct-2005 Hits: 2243)  My Links | Rate | Visit

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