ZOMAX CG330 engine on Kayak Pro Engler

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    Hello everyone
    For several months I read the articles on the forum and decided to put together a Weed eater engine on my Kayek, length is 4.20 meters and width of 1 meter, 30 pounds net weight, Kayek model from Hobby Kayek wide and comfortable, I fish with him in the Mediterranean,
    The engine is found at a good price from China from ZOMAX. Engine is 33 cc 1.5 hp weighs 7 pounds,
    I have a number of questions im possible?
    How do you think will behave Weed eater engine at sea?
    . Size motor will fit the dimensions of Kayek?
    What to wear to prevent the propeller?
    How to silence this engine? He has a 108 dB
    First I had a mini engine Kota 50 lb seed to a battery of 105 ampere, Kayek of nice but the battery is over quickly.
    It is important to me your opinion and your experience would love to hear comments
    Thanks Doron
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