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Zodiac Hurricane 733 custom cabin rib - refit for expeditions

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by pabble, Sep 11, 2011.

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    I've been stripping a Zodiac Hurricane 733 rigid inflatable I used for a circumnavigation in the early 90's with the intention of refitting and converting from I/O to twin outboards to allow more deck space. I've had unexpected expenses and must consider selling it if a reasonable offer is received.

    The boat was configured for long ocean voyages using the military spec Zodiac Hurricane 733 hull fitted with custom designed aluminum cabin and cockpit cover, radar arch with self-righting mechanism, and 3 below deck fuel tanks with a total capacity of 280 gallons. These components could be removed for mounting on another 733 or Willard 730 without significant modification. It's powered by an aft mounted MerCruiser diesel D636TA turning a Bravo 2 stern drive. The boat has been used primarily for exhibits since completing the voyage (it's the smallest powerboat and first RIB to circumnavigate), with very little time in the water.

    The boat consists primarily of the hull (no known structural problems), aluminum cabin and above deck structure 80% stripped for repainting at the moment (good structural condition), Bravo 2 (no known problems), and radar arch with self-righting system. The seat and almost all hardware and wiring have been removed and most electronics and systems are obsolete and will need troubleshooting or replacement so have little value. The tubes have slow leaks and should be replaced if any demanding use is anticipated. The engine has been removed and is being sold. In general, the boat should be considered in need of a full re-fit. I've attached a picture of what it looked like in it's prime - taken at the completion of the circumnavigation. The boat would be sold with its twin axle full roller trailer.

    I don't have a price in mind at the moment because of the limited market for such a special purpose design (so please don't ask for the sale price), but if anyone has an interest please email with your thoughts.

    If not sold I will continue with a refit and conversion to outboards - so if anyone has an interest in buying the Bravo 2; or if anyone has a full buoyancy transom extension for a Zodiac 733 they would like to sell please let me know. thanks.

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