Zinc rod or wire suppliers - Canada?

Discussion in 'Materials' started by parkland, Apr 13, 2015.

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    Anyone know where to buy zinc rod or wire in canada?
    I'm searching, but only finding mixed alloys, or tiny pieces like for outboard motors.

    I want to find bulk rod or wire, to do some electroplating on some vehicles and steel parts.
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    When electro plating, the zinc that you want to deposit on the item comes from the solution that you immerse the part in.

    There are two zinc coating processes, hot dipped zinc/ galvanized where the item is immersed in molten zinc and is not an electrical plated deposition.
    The advantage is that the zinc will coat all surfaces that it comes in contact with
    I think that this material is not 100% zinc.

    The other is zinc plating, the electro deposition taking place between lead anodes to the cathodic part you are plating in a zinc acid/solution
    The problem is that if you have concave areas, 90 degree inside corners, surfaces that are not in line of sight to the anodes or close enough to anodes, the current density is impacted and the zinc will not plate evenly over all surfaces
    In the 70's, there was a company called Canada Metal that had various alloys, they might still be around
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