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    Hey everybody, this is my first post here.
    Im looking for information about all systems ips, zeus but i just find old ones.
    Is very hard to find on to date feedback on either the IPS or Zeus
    - which results are they giving
    - do they give problems?
    - accidents? any breakage?
    - which shows to be more efficient?
    any information is highly appreciated
    Thank you.
    Ps: Sorry for my english.:(
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    I haven't read or heard much negative at this time but did hear the Volvo seastrainer was/is a bit of an issue. It is on the pressure side of the water pump and heard that some sort of rupture has occurred on occasion spraying the engine space down with raw water. Not nice if it is saltwater. Also need to be diligent about isolating drives from remainder of electrical system and maintaining each drives separate zinc.
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    There was a test done by, I think, boattest.com with two identical vessels, one with Zeus and one with IPS. I think the boat was a 40'-42' Doral express cruiser. Try Google it.

    It appears that the IPS system is dominating the market thus far.

    There is a lot of treads on this site and others with opinions and anectdotes.
    My own experience with IPS is specific to one boat type and usage (Offshore Fishing) but has been only positive. However, my experience is an opinion too and in the rest of the www chatter just another anecdote.

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