Z88 Aurora - free finite element software

Discussion in 'Software' started by alanrockwood, May 15, 2013.

  1. alanrockwood
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    alanrockwood Senior Member

    Has anyone using Z88 Aurora?

    Is it suitable for beginners to learn FEM?

    Are there example downloads anywhere?

    Is it suitable for boat calculations?

  2. Ad Hoc
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    Ad Hoc Naval Architect

    I have never used it. I use Cosmos/M

    As for is it suitable for beginners?...it all depends upon your knowledge/theory of structures and structural design. You need a good grounding of both to get meaningful results. Since, like any software, anyone can press buttons. But understanding how it works and knowing how to scrutinise it and validate it..is a totally different proposition.

    FEA is suitable for just about any application..when used correctly.
  3. alanrockwood
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    alanrockwood Senior Member

    I am fairly competent in math, having some knowledge of partial differential equations and boundary value problems.

    I have been exposed to equations for bending of beams and such, e.g. what partial differential equations govern and some solutions for simple cases (way back when), but I haven't taken engineering mechanics courses, such as strength of materials, etc.

    I have some knowledge of numerical methods, such as finite differences, but I am not knowledgeable about finite element methods.

    I think finite element methods were not taught in typical courses in numerical analysis back in the mid 70s when I took the courses on numerical analysis. At least they were not taught in my course.
  4. Olav
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    Olav naval architect

    Yes, I used to play with it some time ago.

    Yeah, why not? I found the manual and tutorial videos quite helpful and they have a nice handbook explaining the basic theories of FEA. In addition it's designed to run on an average PC and it's freeware. They also have a support forum with helpful staff.

    If I remember correctly there are example files that come with the installation package.

    What are "boat calculations"? If you want to do mechanical/structural calculations, vibration (natural frequencies) and thermal analyses - yes, that's what it's made for.

    Fluid dynamics and the like? No.

  5. goeasyon
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    goeasyon New Member

    Have you ever tried WelSim? It is an ease-of-use FEA tool for the beginners.

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