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Discussion in 'Materials' started by JLIMA, Aug 6, 2010.

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    one nice thing is I dont have to worry to much about rot since I keep my boat in my shop except when I go fishing. One thing I learned with my first boat was leave alot of air ways under my floors and as soon as I get home from a weekend of fishing or from a tournament I turn a fan on in the back of the boat under the floors and let it blow air . I got home last sunday from the St Clair river last weekend and my fan is still blowing air tonight making sure the hull stays dry. I also coat every peace of wood with epoxy when it is built.
    I am thinking of ways to cut back on weight though and with fans in the hull I may not need to use so much epoxy. On my last boat I think it was about 20 gal I used. I have light wait on the brain now since I want my next boat to run up in the high 70s. Balance speed and motor is the facter in race hulls and I want to take this boat to alittle higher leavel.
    It is nice heiring other peoples thoughs like you guys. This can realy help me with my next boat.
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