Your thoughts on this small trimaran?

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    I am speculating on this small trimaran, and I would like to know the thoughts and advice of you wise and experienced members, please. Ideally one day I will get a big trimaran built - but I don't know when - or if, that will ever happen - in the meantime this has been an interesting idea perhaps within the realms of possibility for me..

    LOA 25feet
    BEAM 18feet (although looks less, like maybe 14 or 16?)
    MAST unknown
    headroom quite low at 5feet
    Apparently they're selling it due to bereavement - which is very saddening.

    I hope that I am allowed to link the advert here - if not I will edit and remove it, of course I'm not trying to "sell" it since I am speculating on purchasing it myself, maybe.

    1980 Trimaran TRIMARAN Sail New and Used Boats for Sale -

    It's far away from where I am and presumably would be best to get it surveyed or something? There seems to be an option for this on one of the websites - but I am not sure what that entails or if it has any "guarantees" if found later to be wanting, nor the expected additional cost.

    I wonder if there is water seepage within the plywood - around the doorway and fittings, ect?The "sea toilet" seems to be leaking around the tube and handle area - in some photos online they've mostly cleaned it up, in others they haven't and I don't know how those work or what might need servicing in that case.
    Also I noticed that in the older photo the float has two circular caps of some kind (presumably caps for the airtight compartments) on the top of the starboard float - but in the later photograph those two fittings are gone and instead there is a row of smaller, square shapes, presumably the same on both floats (I have no clue what or why, I prefer the look of the original ones, I wonder what they did?)

    Also, I know that it is a small trimaran but it seems to lack life-lines on the floats - would adding something like that be difficult or a bad idea - so far as float integrity and water-seepage into any such anchor-holes for the life-lines goes? Or maybe there's another way?

    The advert mentions that the trimaran is for local waters and coastal - so presumably it's unfit for blue-water cruising - why would that be? Is it because of it's relatively smaller size of 25feet LOA?

    I have seen monohulls of similar or a bit longer LOA for quite a bit less and presumably similar conditions, but at the same time I have no experience of relative values.

    How much money do you think would be reasonable, if one were to make an offer? It's currently priced at £3,000 or very nearest offer, and £3,000 - plus other costs expectable such as some repairs and fees and whatever legal fees (that I still have no idea about, such as licenses or whatever and 3rd party insurance, ect) would be a big investment at this time and something to absorb over a long time afterwards, so I wouldn't want to just jump in without careful thought and perhaps a reasonable offer.

    What do you think?
    Thank you for any input that you can give.
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