Your Stern Tube Assemblies

Discussion in 'Inboards' started by Salmoneyes, Sep 22, 2018.

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    I'm sure you'll be fine Salmoneyes. There are more ways than one to seal a shaft. I looked into that Youtube video you posted showing the leaking Packless Shaft Seal. Be careful believing what you see there. The person who posted the video clearly doesn't understand PSS technology. He said that the "carbon flange" slipped up the shaft and allowed water to enter because the "spring" loosened. First the carbon flange is part of the bellows assembly and is not connected to the propeller shaft in any way. There is a stainless steel collar that IS attached to the prop shaft. There are set screws that lock the stainless steel collar to the shaft. Proprietary set screws are used and manufacturers caution not to reuse the set screws. The stainless collar and the carbon flange work together to make a perfect seal when installed correctly. Generally after 8 to 10 years the bellows/carbon flange is replaced due to age. Good luck with your boat. MIA
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