Youngquist boats/ ConYoung boats?

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by Aljameela, Oct 18, 2010.

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    Aljameela New Member

    Anyone have information or experience with Youngquist Boatworks (Conyoung Boats may be another name for these) built by Conrad Youngquist in the Pacific Northwest?
  2. mark775

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    The first boat I worked on was a wooden Youngquist. I have been near fiberglass ones taken off of that boat all of my life but have never set foot on them. It was forty years ago that I was on that wooden one (The Drifter Too) but I remember it taking gnarly seas and it seemed to handle well. The glass ones I see at around forty feet look like they are always pushing water. Seem solid enuf, no scary broach stories or anything like that.
  3. Easy Rider
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    The Youngquist boat had a slight clipper bow, a nearly flat stern w a very pointy bow below the WL. A light cedar planked boat and with a quality build from what I remember. Should'nt be very good in following seas or in close quarters w wind.

    Easy Rider
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