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Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by l.villain, Nov 8, 2008.

  1. l.villain
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    l.villain New Member

    my name is Louis Villain.

    i just been graduated of Yacht and Power Craft Design in the Solent University at Southampton. I'm actualy looking for a job in a design office to start my career. i'm fresh and motivated.

    For more information, contact me at:

    thank you,

  2. daiquiri
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    daiquiri Engineering and Design

    Nice introduction. Good luck! :)
  3. Stumble
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    Stumble Senior Member

    Not sure if you are interested in moving to the States, but two shipyards here in New Orleans are looking for people.

    Trinity Yachty makes large private yachts and is looking for people.

    As well as some of the comercial shipyards in the area.

    Either place do good work and I know they hire on the world stage, and are indistry leaders inside their own nitch.

  4. Ad Hoc
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    Ad Hoc Naval Architect

    Try BMT NGA just down the road from you...they need people.
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