Young French marine engineer looking for a job

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by sibassie, Feb 11, 2009.

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    As I said in the title, I'm a young French engineer who is looking for a job anywhere in the world.

    skills: structural design, stability
    software: Rhino, Autocad, CATIA, MAAT
    languages: French, english

    do not hesitate to contact me
  2. outside the box

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    Hi There Julien
    Please submit cv and portfolio of work and education undertaken with any specilist field of preference.
    Kind Regards
    Craig email to
  3. outside the box

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    Hi everyone Read this before sending any further CV's or portfolios "please"!!
    As my log in states I look "outside the box" for design solutions to the problem we all face as designers "COMPROMISE". I dislike compromise with a passion so if you are not able to demonstrate that you have a very "outside of the box" style of thinking with regards to creating design solutions then I wish you well.
    If on the other hand you can demonstrate a sound ability to create solutions that are not a copy or a readjustment of prior works already in the market then I would be interested in receiving your CV and portfolio.
    We operate a small niche market design Studio in Christchurch New Zealand.
    We are Multihull enthusiasts so we would give preference to someone joining our team who shares this passion.
    Our present work involves the design of a very unique Multihull for a New Zealand client as his personal yacht firstly, However should the market be interested in the concept he is prepared to develop the design further to enable production, the design has reached the conclusion of stage one, we are presently building a half scale of the design in our workshop below our design studio to further test/prove the concept. When the project moves onto stage two we will require another staff member who is fully versed in the CE requirements, has advanced photo realistic modelling skills and is able to work unassisted.
    We are an open design solution studio and all staff operate without a glass ceiling inhibiting their design ability's. We expect you to have an open mind to the design solution process and all preconceptions must be filed before undertaking a new project.
    Project number two is the design of an unique Road recreation vehicle for a notable NZ motor body builder, both projects are intended for the Local and European markets when the World economy returns to a more stable environment.
    If you are able to demonstrate the ability to work in an environment like the above description then I would be interested in receiving a brief from you.
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