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Discussion in 'Education' started by ericb, Oct 14, 2002.

  1. ericb
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    ericb New Member

    To all students of YDS:

    The 8th edition of Skene's Elements of Yacht Design is currently on auction at ebay.com until Oct. 20.

    Also, I was wondering how the course is going for some of you. How far along is everyone?

    (prospective YDS student)
  2. Chris F
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    Chris F New Member

    My YDS experience - so far!

    Hi everyone,

    I have seen that there is a lot of interest in how people are doing in the YDS course, so I thought I would share my experience so far.

    I have just completed Lesson 1 and am partway through Lesson 2 and thoroughly enjoying it!

    The time required to complete the Lessons is suprisingly significant, but as there is no time limit, it has allowed me more time to practice my drafting before settling on a final product.

    Receiving the Lesson materials is only the start, and as I have seen in other posts, people are concerned about the cost and volume of drafting tools and books required. My view on this is to start now and purchase / acquire materials along the way. I have found the web to be a valuable tool in sourcing materials - both books and drafting equipment. For example in the last three months I have picked up:

    - Lasico Planimeter - I picked up a hardly used second hand one from eBay for $180 AUD which was an extremely good price (new one in Aus retails for over $600)
    - Alvin Drafting set - again picked one up off eBay for $15 AUD
    - 24" Flexible ships curve - eBay $15 AUD
    - Skene's Elements of Yacht Design - 1962 edition: Purchased from Astrolabe Booksellers in Tasmania for $80 AUD
    - Drafting Table - I made one! $60 AUD
    - Drafting arm - picked on up off SOLD.com for $60 AUD (came with basic drafting board and legs - coat of paint and I have a second drafting table!)
    - Rulers, Ships Curves, Triangles, Erasers, Pencils etc - I was introduced to an Australian supplier through an enquiry to a US supplier of flexible ship's curves. He can get just about any type of drafting equipment at less than what I would pay retail in Aus. I have been getting items from him as I need them. I started out with a set of basic French Curves, a 0.3 and 0.5mm pencil, a standard ruler and a 30 / 60 / 90 Triangle.

    My dealings with Tom MacNaughton have been excellent. He has always replied to my emails promptly and is very professional in his approach.

    I look forward to hearing about others experiences!

  3. mr_benton
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    mr_benton New Member

    Australian supplier of ship's curves


    I wonder if you would mind passing on the contact details for this supplier. Thanks

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