Yanmar - How long should it take for oil pressure to come up from a cold start?

Discussion in 'Diesel Engines' started by Frosty, Jul 26, 2009.

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    Now Seamy , did you have to go do that ? , reread old posts to get a profile :rolleyes: . You knew before you went to that trouble didn't you now ;)
    But we all know people like that and typically the're the type that buy what they think they want and expect perfection [ after all they deserve nothing less ].
    Unfortunately as most of us lesser mortals know, life's not like that, and so it falls to us to gently educate these tourtured souls in the fact that the glass is in fact half full , not half empty . That a soft answer turns away wrath , that the bull with the foul mouth is not appreciated in the china shop, but mostly that not everyone is super intelligent like us so we need to suffer the foolish but well meaning sugestions of the masses with dignity and decorum.

    Seamy it's not a matter of tolerating , one could enter into the spirit of the thing and have some fun :D look at it as sport , you post, they bite , you reply, they bite harder [ get it ? ] to be sure to be sure :p
    Now we all thought like you Seamy so don't feel bad , but you do realise you venting off like that makes you scarily close to our troubled freinds position :(
    So next time, take the sporting responce, I assure you it's far more satisfiying and often challenging, after all, I'm sure their heated responces are satisfiying their need to berate the ignorant masses , so you'd be helping them:cool:
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    Get an Acusump. Here is a link http://www.accusump.com/

    We use these on race cars all the time and they do a great job....

    I'd get one of these before I beat up my engine any more...

    They have a marine version with electric remote valves...
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    Thank you Dr Fruad ( how do you spell Froad?)

    I would just like to say that if I have upset anyone with my vicious character or said anything that might have --well you know made anyone cry for instance.

    I would like to say that I don't really care. Listen you don't get through life by being trod on , you could try but !! you know.

    Remember one thing my timid little friends there is no such thing as an intimidator, only the intimidated.

    Im actually a big softy and the girls love me and hey --if you can outsmart a woman?---damn your good


    Oh I forgot to reply to yellow, yes I am seriously considering a remote filter kit "and" a prelube system.

    Yanmar just dont know why my oil filters drain. There so many copy filters on the market I have read that they are so good even Toyota specialists cant tell.

    I am not prepaired to buy filters off Yanmnar at 48pounds each including VAT so I will buy as mentioned. I am looking into it now.

    Im not sure the storage tank system will hold enough to charge a dry filter which is my prob. An electric pump incorperated into the remote filter system would be nice for pre lube and post lube if you should so desire.

    Post lube is suppose to keep pressure up till the turbo has stopped --I think that throwing flowers down after what I have at the moment.

    The rattle --Yanmar confirms, is tortional rattle from the gearbox and is normal--Hmmmm. Not the big ends clanking about as was diagnosed by some engineers. It can be cured by buying an expensive Centa drive disc.

    So there you go Yanmar, cummins, Catapilar??? take your choice I think ile have a bus engine next, can buy 2 for 2000 dollars, don't want to upset anyone.
  4. Frosty

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    Just realized there was more posts on this. Yes the oil pressure could be the sender but as I have explained about Oh 5 times now the filters are dry. Once run the oil light and alarm and gauges operate in a second. Both engines with identical sender problems at the same time?

    Lots of reasons can be attributed to a problem but then 2 engines standing next to each other with identical problems slows things up a bit.

    The smoothest engine is a 5 cylinder for reversion reasons.

    The six cylinder is the worst for tortional vibrations!!!

    Is'nt it strange how the mind would say other wise, guessing always has these consequences.

    Ive read it somewhere,!!! seen it in print I'll link it when I have time.

    Believe it or not I have tortional vibration graphs for all Yanmar engines under 300HP.
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    Do┬┤nt believe all you read Frosty, do it like me, believe what you know.:D
  6. Frosty

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    Hey Ive got a tortional vibrating 6 cylinder, its normal apparently, what don't I know?

    The 4Lp's don't do it, well they probably do but the frequency is different and is handled by a different drive disc than the 6 's need,-- which now they have apparantly.

    Buy yer the 6 cylinder is the smoothest,-- OK

    Look at 6 cylinder engines, all have big dampers, dont take that off or you will break the crank.
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    It all comes down to one thing...

    Yer problem is you're just too damn cheap.

    The first thing you need to do is get rid of the cheap filters and pay the freight for a pair of Yanmar OEM filters. If that solves your problem, then you know it is nothing that is wrong with the engines, the problem is with the filters you are using, they simply don't have a good enough anti-drainback provision in them.

    In Yanmar's mind, they figure that they have a solution, it's called their OEM filter. If you are too cheap to use what works, then you deserve whatever you get (which is pounded out bearings in pretty short order). I would also bet that if you go in now and say "my engine is shot" they aren't and probably shouldn't have a lot of sympathy for you. They are going to say (and rightly so) that you used an inferior filter and that it let oil drain back and you did a bunch of dry starts and that is what did the damage.

    So, is it Yanmar's problem? Sorry, but I don't think so. Or, are Yanmar's crap? No probably not. They might be expensive to maintain properly, but if you aren't willing to maintain it with the proper parts, then it could end up costing you in the end. If you want to use a cheap filter, then get a pair of accusumps and pre-lube the engines, but don't complain if your bargain basement filter ruins your engine.
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    Fanie Fanie

    Fascinating fread Frosty :D

    If I wanted to go diesel inboard I would consider an Isuzu engine. Only problem is if you put two of them in you are back on 8 cylinders and as Mr Richard Apex indicated 8's are no good due to free forces of the second order :rolleyes:

    I lu-huuu-huuuu-huuuuuuve 8's. You cannot use 8's in mono's. If you start them up the sheer torque will spin the mono instead of the prop ;)
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    Fanie Fanie

    He he... Frosty, the thought just occured to me that if talking crap was a sling I could have been a Yanmar scrap yard :eek:
  10. Frosty

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    Thank you Solo, nice post and almost true.

    The thing is you have read very well, much better than most except.

    I did say I had bought many types of filter I did not say I used them. I cut them open. I have only ever used genuine (I think they are they cost the same ) Toyota 90915 30002 filters that came with the engine.

    Tomorrow on Monday morning I am going to take one of my Toyota filters to the Toyota dealers and ask if this is a Toyota filter.

    If you remove the paint from a Yanmar filter it says Toyota 90915 30002,--- a Yanmar use reported on the internet, and so did I.

    However even if it is not,-- the valve should work ,--no?

    I agree however that dry starts are not good and at 170 hours I have not yet done so cranking till oil and blood pressure comes up.

    Theres a lot of information on crap filters on the internet and it appears to be a big problem for manufactures that have for some reason decided to fit filters upside down. I wonder why they do that???? It would wear the engine out quickly would'nt it?


    I have decided to fit 2 Italian Piusi pumps as a pre lube system. 200 dollars each if I can find a spare oil outlet place and T it into the sender.

    Toyota filters, Yanmar filters or not. The benefits are obvious as is the increase of the boats value.

    The point is I should not have to do this. 54,000 aus dollars for 2 Toyota engines.

    Can you imagine the stress listening to an engine running with the alarm screeming for 10 seconds??? It would make me into a raving lunatic.
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    At least he got the cheap part right!!!
  12. mark775

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    At least he got the raving lunatic part right (except the tense and causal relationship).
  13. Frosty

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    I left that to see who would use it.

    I cant believe someone actually did !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    12 seconds of no oil pressure feels like 12 minutes in real time.

    Not advisable for those with a n-n-n-nervous disposition.

    Turning the key is a bit like having a sigmioscopy by a Philippine gynecologist.

    Yes,-- makes you think am I doing the right thing a bit!!!
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    re the worst and best of configurations for balancing engines

    Some comments
    I had stated that the V8 was the easiest to balance followed by the V6 with offest bearings and then the straight 6 being one of the hardest.
    If anyone has taken Mechanical Engineering, and had to work out the balancing curve/graphs, they would know that the straight 6 is the worst, at least of this three configs
    Not a big thing. If I can find some curves/graphs I will try to figure out a way to attach them to a post. I am new at the forum thing, I was trying to find out if a person could run D6 Volvos at idle for long hours without damaging them.
    Reversion forces, free forces of the second order, these are terms that I have never heard of.

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    Fanie Fanie

    V8's are the best. They last a lot longer, have better power than any 6 and in most cases are more fuel efficient as well. I wonder why they made the 6's. Probably just to fill the price gap between the 4 and the 8. No other reason.

    That's only when your mind plays tricks with you :D
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