Yanmar - How long should it take for oil pressure to come up from a cold start?

Discussion in 'Diesel Engines' started by Frosty, Jul 26, 2009.

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    Marinize a diesel is fast and cheap, IF you do it workboat style.

    Keel cooling , dry stack exhaust , best performance , low cost and if you pick a great but less popular engine , its dirt cheap.

    International DT 466 or 360 is my first choice for 100-150hp "forever".
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    Just spoke with a mate who is a Yanmar diesel dealler in OZ.
    Had a trip through the factory in Japan..very clean he said except the part where the guys are grinding the toyota logo off the blocks!

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    Bypass filter

    Forgive me if this has already been mentioned but I've tried to plough through all the posts. I seems to me that the assumption is that the filter is a conventional full flow type where you would also need a pressure bypass valve.

    From what I've read the oil filtration system appears to be a bypass type or a combination that still gives unobstructed full flow direct from the pump in the event of a blocked filter. This is not an unusual design to drain back fully to the sump and also prevent oil spillage when changing the filter.

    Changing the filter to a conventional type as a remote may defeat the original design features and possibly cause oil starvation at some time. Whilst I can understand the concern for a slow oil pressure build up, I don't think this is a real problem as the oil may well be circulating instantly but at a lower pressure before the bypass filter fills up and the alarms can be delayed or thrown overboard.

    Only a detailed examination of workings of the oil pressure system can tell for sure and should be done before any alterations are carried out. I have a Mercedes engine that has a similar draining filter system without any issues.
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